Sunday Prayer Breakfast 8:30am  | Worship on Sunday at 11am    |   Sunday School for Children at 11am

"From Olivet, We Follow" is more than a mission statement. It holds our identity and links us to the biblical account of our ancestors in the faith.  The Biblical Olivet (or Mount of Olives) was a holy place where people like Moses, David and even Jesus retreated, reconnected with God, or wrestled with their faith. From Olivet, each of these followed God with renewed purpose and strength. 

Olivet Church might be just the place for you to encounter the presence of God and new companions in Christ. From here, we are renewed in worship, study and fellowship as we  follow Jesus' call to serve others in our daily living.

Following Jesus means patterning our lives after Him!
We strive to love and serve others after the example of Jesus Christ. 

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